Unified Payment Acquiring Solution Suite

Simplify Your Transactions, Expand Your Reach

In an age where payment methods are as varied as your customers, CenterFirst offers a one-stop payment acquiring solution that empowers your business to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. Our Unified Payment Acquiring Solution Suite is a robust, secure, and versatile platform designed to streamline your payment processing, fraud management, and settlement operations.

Unified Payment Acquiring Solution
Seamless Payment Integration Across Multiple Channels

Seamless Integration Across Multiple Channels

Our solution suite begins with extensive channel support. From the cutting-edge Smart POS to the convenience of Mobile Payments and traditional POS systems, CenterFirst ensures that your customers can transact whenever and however they choose.

Our Kiosk, QR, and ATM options offer flexibility, while our online Payment Gateways and User Interfaces create a smooth digital experience.

Business Suite for Holistic Management

Delve into the core of your transaction management with the
CenterFirst Business Suite. Our comprehensive suite includes:

business application

Business Applications

Tailor your transaction rules to your business needs.

Web Applications

Web Applications

A secure and intuitive online transaction platform.

Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing

Fast, accurate, and reliable processing capabilities.

protect you and your customers

Fraud Risk Management

Cutting-edge systems to protect you and your customers.

Terminal Management System

Terminal Management System (TMS)

Efficiently manage your transaction terminals.

Business API Engines

Business API Engines

Seamlessly connect with other business software solutions.

Settlement and Reconciliation

Settlement and Reconciliation

Ensure accuracy and integrity in your finances.

Back-office Processing

Back-office Processing

Keep your business running smoothly behind the scenes.

Processing Platform: The Heart of Transactions

At the center of our suite lies our advanced Processing Platform. With the CenterFirst Settlement and Switch systems, we facilitate both ONUS and OFFUS transactions, efficiently routing each payment through the correct channels and ensuring timely, accurate settlements.

Experience flexible transaction processing across multiple channels, including POS, payment gateways, QR codes, and ATMs
Efficient Payments through local and global networks using CenterFirst

Networks: Universal Compatibility

The CenterFirst suite connects to an extensive array of payment networks, including but not limited to Rupay, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, local schemes, and new age payments like Google Pay and Apple Pay, digital wallets. Our compatibility with global and local networks ensures your business can cater to every customer’s preference, ensuring a truly borderless payment experience.

Why Choose CenterFirst?

  • Comprehensive: From channel to settlement, our suite covers every aspect of payment processing.
  • Flexible: Accept payments from a wide array of channels and networks.
  • Secure: Protect your transactions with state-of-the-art security measures.
  • Efficient: Streamline your operations with our integrated back-office processing.

Join a world where your payment systems move as fast as your business.

Contact CenterFirst today for a consultation, and take the first step towards unifying your payment processing with our solution suite.