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Tailored Acquiring Solutions for Banks and Fintechs

At CredoPay, we understand the challenges banks and fintech companies face in managing merchant services. That’s why our CenterFirst platform offers a fully integrated, end-to-end merchant acquiring management service designed to streamline every aspect of merchant interaction—from onboarding to ongoing support.

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Full-Spectrum Merchant Acquiring Services

Merchant Verification and Onboarding

  • Seamless Verification Processes: Ensure thorough merchant validation, enhancing security and compliance from the start.
  • Efficient Onboarding: Speed up your merchant onboarding with our streamlined digital onboarding module where workflows designed for quick and accurate merchant set-up.
Merchant Verification
Risk Management

Compliance and Risk Management

  • Agreement Management: We handle agreement signings on behalf of your bank, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Risk Verification: Mitigate risks with our advanced verification protocols that scrutinize merchant profiles before and during their tenure with your services.

Operational Excellence

  • MID/TID Issuance: Quickly issue Merchant ID and Terminal ID with minimal fuss, optimized through our efficient management systems.
  • Transaction Monitoring and Settlement Processing: Monitor and process transactions with high accuracy and reduced delays, enhancing both customer and merchant satisfaction.
Operational Excellence
Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

  • 24/7 Merchant Support: Offer your merchants round-the-clock support ensuring they always have help when they need it.
  • Device Management: From inventory management to delivery, and even repair and maintenance, we take care of all device-related needs, ensuring smooth operational flow.

Training and Recovery Services

  • Installation and Training: We provide comprehensive training and installation services to ensure your merchants are well-equipped to handle their operations.
  • Device Deinstallation and Recovery: Efficiently manage the end-of-life for devices, including recovery and proper disposal, adhering to environmental standards.
Training and Recovery

Why Choose CredoPay’s Acquiring Services?

Integrated and Comprehensive

Integrated and Comprehensive

Our services cover every aspect of merchant management, leaving no gaps and ensuring a seamless operation flow.

Customizable and Scalable

Customizable and Scalable

Tailored specifically for banks and fintechs, our solutions grow with your needs, supporting you as your merchant base expands.

Expertise and Reliability

Expertise and Reliability

With years of experience in the financial sector, CredoPay brings reliability and expertise to your merchant acquiring processes, ensuring you and your merchants are always in good hands.

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