Merchant Management System for Banks & Fintechs

Unlock the full potential of your merchant operations with CredoPay’s Merchant Management System (MMS). Designed to provide unparalleled access to real-time transaction data and comprehensive reporting, our system is your gateway to simplified accountancy and efficient operational management.
CenterFirst Merchant Management System

What is a Merchant Management System?

A Merchant Management System (MMS) is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for financial institutions to streamline and enhance the services provided to merchants. It integrates various functionalities such as merchant acquisition, management of merchant accounts, processing of online transactions, and generating detailed transaction reports. This system acts as a crucial tool for banks and fintechs to manage their relationships with merchants effectively, ensuring a smooth handling of multiple transaction channels and offering a variety of payment options. It simplifies everything from invoicing and payment processing to loyalty program management 1, making it an indispensable software for modern financial ecosystems.

Merchant Management System
Onboarding Modules

A Merchant Management System facilitates the seamless onboarding of merchants by streamlining the document submission, verification, and approval processes. This accelerated merchant acquisition process is vital for banks and fintechs to expand their customer base and adapt to the evolving demands of the market.

merchant management system onboarding

Key Highlights

User management Streamline

User management

Streamline operations with easy user management, including a Service Deck and Masters functionalities.

Fast Merchant Onboarding

Fast Merchant Onboarding

Experience rapid onboarding and KYC verifications, significantly outpacing traditional systems.

direct access to transaction data

Enhanced Visibility

Break free from operational silos with direct access to transaction data and support, ensuring your queries are resolved instantly.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Experience the advantages of our system for less than the price of a coffee per transaction.


Core Functionalities

CredoPay’s Merchant Management System enhances merchant operations by offering streamlined onboarding, flexible payment channels, and performance improvements. Simplifying management activities allows acquirers to deliver superior payment support. The system also features self-management capabilities for accounts, finances, data inquiries, dispute resolution, and report downloads, empowering merchants with control over their operations.

multiple sub merchant

Manage multiple sub-merchant verticals or hierarchies.


Unified view of all the transactions

billing structure

Tailored billing structure, MDR / Rental configurations for each merchant

report tool

Comprehensive set of analytical and reporting tools provides a 360-degree view of business

verified KYC dettails

Implementing eKYC procedures, including XML Aadhar and Digilocker verification, for validating merchant details.

ability to import

Enabling the ability to import a large volume of merchants into the system in a single operation.

historical data

Facilitating the management and tracking of historical data or records within the system.

Terminal Inventory Monitoring

Terminal Inventory
Monitoring, tracking and management.

risk management

Monitor and retrieve the transaction data in real time.

Complete control

Capable of generating comprehensive reports of merchants

process of merchants onboarding

Facilitating the process of merchants onboarding themselves

different brand or label

The creation or customization of an application to be marked under a different brand or label

risk management

Advanced risk management framework to lower chargeback volumes

Complete control

Complete control over assets (merchants/terminals)

Self accounts

Self manage of accounts, financials, data enquiries, dispute raising and download reports

export reports

Providing the capability to export the reports for external use or analysis

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