Founded in 2014, CredoPay stands as a paramount fintech innovator headquartered in India, offering cutting-edge PAAS/SAAS solutions. Renowned for its full managed services in omni-channel digital transaction processing, unified acquiring, and payment facilitator/ISO management, CredoPay exemplifies the transformative power of fintech innovation in the financial services sector. The platform’s commitment to security and reliability is affirmed by its PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001 certifications, providing a secure foundation for its extensive network, which encompasses over 60,000 merchants and processes in excess of USD 920 million annually.

The company’s fintech innovations extend to a comprehensive payment stack platform, characterized by its own Bank Identification Number (BIN). This feature enables a wide array of payment solutions, including POS, Payment Gateway, ATMs, Micro ATMs (MATM), UPI (India QR), and Biometric Payments (AePS). Direct connections with major financial networks such as VISA, MC, RuPay, NFS (India ATM Switch), UPI (India QR), and AADHAAR Switch (India Biometrics) highlight CredoPay’s expansive reach and versatility as a fintech innovator.

CredoPay has solidified its commercial presence in India, particularly with the introduction of the CredoPay Business Suite (CPBS) in 2020. Its diverse clientele includes banks, ISOs, and Payment Facilitators (PayFacs), showcasing its pivotal role in the financial ecosystem. The fintech innovator’s strategic expansion into the international market, with operations in Asia, the Middle East, and the USA, is facilitated by white labelling and multi-language support. Major shareholder EzSwype LLC, USA, underscores the company’s strong financial backing and international growth ambitions.

Value Proposition

CredoPay offers banks a unified platform for comprehensive business management, including unified acquiring, single sign-on (SSO) with RBAC, payment facilitators, ISOs, and merchants. This fintech innovator enhances operations management with its offering of unified payment acquisition across various channels, fully automated acquiring operations, and hardware/channel-independent transaction processing. Features like multi-channel risk management and fully automated settlement and reconciliation operations further demonstrate CredoPay’s capabilities.

For payment processors and fintech entities, CredoPay introduces additional advantages through its dynamic routing, switching, and settlement features, facilitating effortless integration across multiple entities. SMEs, corporates, and retailers benefit from the unified merchant portal for multi-channel acquiring, merchant SDKs for seamless ERP and billing system integration, auto-reconciliation for all channels, and a consolidated accounting system for all transactions.

Why CredoPay Stands Out as a Fintech Innovator

Distinguished by its around-the-clock customer support, CredoPay’s global customer service team ensures responsiveness and agility in meeting customer needs. This fintech innovator supports a broad spectrum of payment methods, including QR codes and biometric payments, and is adept at developing customized applications and services. CredoPay’s end-to-end platform and integrated device offering provide a cost-effective, competitive advantage, leveraging its Indian production base to deliver unparalleled quality and functionality at a lower cost.

In summary, CredoPay’s commitment to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction positions it as a leading fintech innovator in the digital transaction processing domain, offering scalable, state-of-the-art solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the global financial industry.