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CenterFirst Prominent features

Unified Payment Processing is a comprehensive solution that integrates various payment methods into a single, cohesive system.



Seamlessly integrate with our payment processor through various methods.


Transaction Processing

Universal NAC (POS/PG/QR/ATM): Experience flexible transaction processing across multiple channels, including POS, payment gateways, QR codes, and ATMs. Transaction Processing Middleware: Streamline transaction processing with our efficient middleware solution.

Transaction EFT for Authorizations: Ensure secure and reliable electronic fund transfers for authorizations.


Terminal Management

Universal TMS (Non-OEM-BYOD) – Manage terminals easily with our universal Terminal Management System, regardless of the device type.

fraud risk management

Fraud Risk Management

Our comprehensive online and offline fraud risk management solutions protect your business from fraud. Our advanced tools and techniques ensure your transactions are secure and minimize the risk of fraudulent activities.

Settlement and Back office Management

Together, settlement and back-office management ensure that financial transactions are seamless, secure, and efficient.

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Online Settlement Module

We ensure smooth transactions as well as even smoother online settlements along with quicker transactions.

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Refund Management Module

Simplify the refund process and provide a flawless experience for customers seeking refunds.
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Payouts Module

Efficiently manages and processes payouts to vendors, partners, or affiliates, ensuring timely and accurate payments.
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Chargeback Management Module

Efficiently handles and resolves chargeback disputes to protect your business from financial losses and challenging issues.
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Vouching Management Module

Effectively manages and tracks vouchers, coupons, and promotional offers for enhanced customer engagement.
4 way reconciliation

4- Way Reconciliation Module

Automate the reconciliation process across multiple data sources, minimizing errors and discrepancies.

Wallet/Loyalty Management

Wallet creations for Customers and Merchants for managing Merchant Loyalty, integrations with External Loyalty Points, Use Cases in VAS, Crediting of Commissions, Transaction Instant settlements, etc.

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Merchant Wallet Management

Streamlines and manages merchant wallets, allowing trusted and smooth transactions and easy monitoring of funds.
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Wallet Reconciliation Module

Automates the reconciliation process for wallets, ensuring accurate and transparent tracking of funds and transactions.

Central Wallet Management

Effortlessly manages and tracks funds across multiple wallets, providing centralized control and efficient fund allocation.

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding Module for managing KYCs & Risk Checks for Enabling Digital Onboarding on Merchant APK & Web Applications.

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Digital Onboarding Module

Simplifies customer onboarding with perfect digital verification and account setup.


Merchant Management Module

Easily manages and supports your merchant network with efficient tools for easy operations.

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Loyalty Partner Management

Manages and tracks loyalty program partnerships, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

Customers Management Module

Effectively manages customer data, preferences, and interactions to personalize experiences and drive customer loyalty.
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Integrated Partner Onboarding

Effortlessly onboards and manages partner organizations for collaborative business growth.

Biller Partner Management Module

Streamlines biller partner relationships, enabling smooth bill payment processes and accurate record keeping.

Services Management Module

Efficiently manages a wide range of services, ensuring smooth delivery and customer satisfaction.

Other Modules

Our Value-added services are Direct Money transfers, QR Static and dynamic transaction processing, Bill payments, Collections, loans, and Gateway to connect to Merchant ERP/Billing Applications to push transactions directly from Merchant ERP to Terminal.


Support Ticket Management

Streamlines customer support with a ticket management system, ensuring prompt and efficient issue resolution.


Admin Portal

Provides administrators with a centralized platform for managing system configurations, user roles, and overall operations.

mobile programming

Admin Mobile Application

Grant administrators access to crucial system information, transaction monitoring, and user management from their mobile devices.


L3 Certified Terminal Applications/SDK

Offers secure and reliable terminal applications and software development kits (SDKs) compliant with L3 certification standards.


Merchant Portal

Empowers merchants with a dedicated account management, reporting, and transaction monitoring portal.

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Merchant Mobile Application

Enables merchants to manage their accounts, view transaction history, and receive real-time notifications on the go.


Sales Mobile Application

Equips sales teams with a mobile app to onboard merchants, generate leads, and track sales activities effortlessly.

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